Ben Triplett
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
University of Washington

PhD Candidate
Coordinated Target Tracking

email: triplett AT aa_washington_edu

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BASc University of British Columbia, Engineering Physics, 2000
MASc University of British Columbia, Mechanical Engineering, 2002

My earlier focus as an undergraduate was on mechanical engineering design and aerodynamics. During my Masters studies I conducted aerodynamics experiments pertaining to boundary layer control for high-lift airfoils.

Research Interests

I am currently studying the use of mulitple autonomous-vehicle systems for coordinated target tracking. The target tracking algorithms are broken into two distinct components, one for coordinated target pursuit, and the other for distributed estimation of the target state.

Distributed estimation is not only interesting on its own, but it also provides a measure of performance for the coordinated target pursuit algorithms, which are ordinarily intractable in terms of analysis due to the complicated nature of systems of multiple non-holonomic-vehicles.

Current Projects

The robot fish is our primary hardware testbed. We currently have two functional robots, and are near completion of the final machine. Characterization of the performance of a single robot has been completed. Among other things, it has been found that the robot is capable of sustained speeds of 2 ft/s and that the batteries last over 3 hours on a single charge.

Projects of Yore

As an undergraduate I worked on many projects including the UBC solar car, a spinal fixation screw, a haptic gripper, and my favorite, an open class entry into the SAE AeroDesign competition.


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V.J. Modi, and B.I. Triplett, "Moving Surface Boundary-Layer Control for Aircraft Operation at High Angles of Attack", 41st AIAA Atmospheric Flight Mechanics Conference, Reno, USA, August 5, 2002, Paper No. AIAA - 2002 - 4522.

J.R. McFarlane, V. Den Hertog, and B.I. Triplett, "Rover and Gofer (RIGI): An AUV/ROV Hybrid" , Proceedings of the 6th Canadian Marine Hydromechanics and Structures Conference, Vancouver, Canada, February 2001, Editor: S.M. Calisal, University of British Columbia Publisher, pp. 281-288.